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The photovoltaic module support system GAIAFIX II - RAMMING is specially designed to minimize installation and assembly time with the use of simple tools and at the same time it can easily adapt to P/V panels of different dimensions.

The design allows the installation of P/V modules in three (3) continuous rows with the panels in portrait orientation, creating long integrated mounting systems when required.



All parts of GAIAFIX III - DOUBLE RAMMING are made of steel , that after it has been processed it gets hot-dip galvanized, according to standard EN ISO 1461, with average zinc coating of at least 70 μm in thickness, which guarantees maximum life span (20 -25 years). They have high corrosion resistance and strength and are fully recyclable.

All of the materials are in compliance to ISDN 123 - with corrossion resistance up to 25 years, according to Eurocode 3 and show full strength against the following specifications of charges:

75 Kg/m2 Snow load and 33 m/sec Wind load for areas that are nearer than 10 km to the sea and 27 m/sec for continental areas (Eurocode 1)

It consists of:

  • Triangle frame 
  • Horizontal Purlins & Purlins Links
  • Clamps for mounting P/V modules (made of Aluminium)
  • Wind beams (applicable when required)
  • Ancillary linking parts, of Inox A2 (Stainless Steel) quality, Category 8.8


Ground Application (Fields - Slopes, etc.)

Applicable on all P/V modules sizes


As a whole, the Triangle consists of the inclined beam (that supports the purlins), the steel strut and the vertical support beam (one-piece pole). The standard length for the pole is 3m and is rammed to the ground. The depth of ramming is determined by pull-out tests carried out on the site's ground, according the values specified by the static analysis.


The Purlins System that includes the metallic beams and smaller components used for mounting photovoltaic modules: The Purlins, and the required joints are made of hot-dip galvanized steel in “C”- shape, measuring 60x40x60 mm, 2.00 mm thick and are connected with stainless steel bolts and nuts.


The P/V modules-purlins connecting kit: Each kit consists of an aluminium "Ω"–shaped clamp, measuring 80x25x20 mm, 3.00 mm thick, a screw of type ALLEN DIN 912 - A2 M8x50 and a square nut. The nut is positioned by sliding it within the purlins (without a spring). Between the P/V module and the purlin mediates a stainless steel gasket to prevent electrochemical corrosion. 




The alternative methods of foundation that apply on GAIAFIX II - Ramming are the following:

  • Foundation with concrete
  • In concrete with the use of expansion anchors or steel rods