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Its design allows the installation of P/V modules in two (2) continuous rows with the modules in portrait orientation, creating long integrated mounting systems when required.


Photovoltaic panels mounting system GAIAFIX II consists of the three followng main sybsystems:


  • The Purlins System includes the metallic beams and smaller components used for mounting photovoltaic modules. The Purlins, and the required joints are made of hot-dip galvanized steel in “C”- shape, measuring 60x40x60 mm, 2.00 mm thick and are connected with stainless steel bolts and nuts.

  • The Beams System (Triangle) consists of the metal parts and their accessories, which are used for anchoring the whole system to the ground. The beams are C-shaped and are made of steel, that is hot-dip galvanized after it has been processed, measuring 50x70x70 mm, 2.50 mm thick. The inclination of the P/V modules to horizontal plane can be adjusted to 25o or 30o. They are seated on concrete blocks with the use of suitable anchoring parts. The dimensions of the concrete blocks are (LxWxH) 3000x400x400 mm. (One concrete block for each Triangle). The maximum distance between two consecutive triangles is 2.40 m.

  • The P/V modules-purlins connecting kit: Each kit consists of an aluminium "Ω"–shaped clamp, measuring 80x25x20 mm, 3.00 mm thick, a screw of type ALLEN DIN 912 - A2 M8x50 and a square nut. The nut is positioned by sliding it within the purlins (without a spring). Between the P/V module and the purlin mediates a stainless steel gasket to prevent electrochemical corrosion. 


As a whole, the metal construction has a height of up to 2100mm (concrete base included). The maximum height (with the P/V modules included) is up to 2340 mm from the ground level.

The maximum width of the metal construction is 2720 mm and its length can be adjusted depending on the total power of the P/V panels to be installed.


We take responsibility to create specific structural design according to the requirements and specifications of employer for each specific Photovoltaic Park, depending on the terrain, adapting to roofs, in slabs, sheds, industrial buildings etc.