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Metal Cable Trays

The cable trays are the most common solution for supporting and routing cables in an installation. For this reason, available in various sizes and formulations to cover the whole broad range of applications. The cable trays and fittings are classified in lines H35, H60, H85 and H110 according to the lateral height. Please note that all products presented in perforated in this list can be constructed as without holes. The cable trays are delivered in blocks of length 3m. On demand can be manufactured in lengths from 2.5 to 6m. Resistance to corrosion products marked with the corresponding letter according to the following: P: Sheet metal sheet pre-galvanized H: Sheet metal sheet galvanized hot S: stainless steel sheet addition, all available products can be delivered painted with epoxy paint on all required RAL color. Product Description Length: 3000mm perforation: For ease of support cables and ventilation holes to open 7Ch30mm with 50mm center distance axis X and axis Y. 25mm curved edges: the top of each side to enhance the mechanical strength and protection of cables . The cable trays can be made of sheet metal sheet galvanized in EN ISO 10147 and hot dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461. Request can be made cable trays stainless steel sheet.


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